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Charl Schwartzel Retains Alfred Dunhill Championship


Charl Schwartzel has successfully managed to retain his Alfred Dunhill Championship title with a four shot victory which saw him finish 17 under par. 

The South African finished well clear of his nearest compititor the english man Richard Finch by ending his weekend with a four under par 68. 

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Amazingly he has only ever dropped 3 shots in the entirity of the event and all three came from his first time on the golf course. 

The 29 year old said: "I had that hiccup in the first round through 17 and the first hole, and after that pretty much flawless with no bogeys from there on in," Schwartzel told the European Tour's official website. "Most of the time if you play 60 holes or whatever it may be without bogey then hopefully you'll win. It's always nice to get a win and get some confidence up."

He was followed by three english men with Richard finch in second and Simon Dyson and Ross Fisher both finisheing respectfully in third. 

New Revolutionary Fishing Technology


A new Fishing technology was recently revealed and is expected to change the current way of wildfish harvesting. 

Precision Seafood Haversting allows every fish that is caught to swim comfortably through a tunnel where they can be sorted for size and species. 

The technology could not have been done with out the investment from snaford, sealord and Aotearoa Fisheries who invested a total $21.5 million. 

Jerrett, from Plant and Food Research said: "In terms of selectivity we design everything to make sure unwanted animals are discharged as fast as possible at depth - we don't want them to even see the light of day,

"One of the objectives is to make sure that any animal that reaches the surface, if we can't select it out underwater, is delivered back to the sea unharmed".

Sanford's Greg Johansson says that this is just the beiginning and further upgrades and ideas will be added to the new technololgy but they have a great foundation now. 

Great Britain get out of Groups - Olympics - Football


Team GB have maged to get themselves out of a tough group to reach the quater finals of the tournement, they fought of Uraguay to a 1-0 win and manged to beat UAE 3-1 whilst drawing to Senegal 1-1. They will now face a tough South Korea who are no push over by any means who shrugged of the likes of Switzerland and Gabon to reach the quater final. It shall be and intersting one to watch.